Friday, February 11, 2011

Pre Season Task 6 - Kitchen Makeover

Well here is the fun one! Although me being a good girl doesnt have junk in the cupboards. I am STILL going to the shop & getting the junk food. GRRR must stop that since I am so good with keeping the cupboards & fridge healthy yet that trip to the shop to get milk, turns into milk, chocolate, tea cake /sigh

Only I can break this habit since it is me who is getting this not anyone else. We havent really had alot of any sort of junk in the house since Matilda is still even now suffering from dairy intolerance & since she is at the age to just help herself we keep the fridge & cupboards clean. As I said though, those trips to the shop are the ones where the junk food sneaks its way in!

MUST FLEX THAT WILLPOWER MUSCLE!! Another idea is to only take enough money for the milk or what ever it is that we NEED.

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