Friday, February 11, 2011

Pre Season Task 4 - Gear Up

I always have dreaded this one since I always see the dollar signs! I have come to realise though that the dollars are minimal if you think outside the square. Weightloss doesnt mean you have to go to the gym anymore since you can utilise your own home or even out & about. Those are all free to use (other than the cost of any DVD if you wish to purchase those)

I plan to utilise outdoors & my home this time. I was relying the last 2 rounds on my gym classes but since our gym has no PT at this time, then its not worth going there when I can use the terrain around my own home. I mean heck it is a 2km each way almost to go to the local shop now since I have moved .

One thing I and Michelle does recommend is a good pair of shoes!! That and my heart rate monitor are my 2 mail things that I feel are needed. You dont really need anything else since walking/running is free ;) I also keep my workout music updated with different music so as not to get bored with the same tunes.

Well its almost crunch time so train hard, eat well & the rest will fall into place <3

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