Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pre Season Task 2 - Get Real No More Excuses!

Well here we go! Time to get the excuses all out there. I have been adding to this list since I first started in round 2 & have even added more again now. I think this is one part that we will always add to & as long as we can identify the excuses then we are on the right track

Internal Excuses - The self talk in the head

No motivation
Too tired
Dont feel like it
I cant keep up
I will fail before I even start
I just dont want to do it anymore!
I wont be able to keep up with the girls at gym now
I havent exercised in ages & will let myself down


I have done this before & I am finding that I am still adding to these excuses. I think the sooner I get the little voice in the head under control & start believing in myself that I can do this, then the abovementioned wont even come into play. Consistency is the key to winning above any excuse as long as I am strong & fight the urge to sit back & do nothing.

External Excuses (within my control)

Too busy
Its too wet and cold
Had a tough day with the toddler
No PT at the gym at this time
Dont want to walk/exercise alone

Its too hot & humid 


Have to remember as mentioned above that these are just that, they are excuses! JFDI needs to win through and robot mode is also another good way of making sure that I just get out the door. These excuses are what will try & stop me if the talk doesnt work. It is total BS but I am better than any voice!

External Excuses (beyond my control)

Sick kidlets! Although I had my fair share of hospital visits in round two last year but that helped prepare me for other trips when my toddler fell ill.
I am sick and have been ordered to have bedrest


Cant help sickness with myself or the children. best thing to do is ensure bed rest so that I can get back on my feet fast. If its the children that are sick then I will ask hubby for help since I am not alone in this relationship. I don't have to do it by myself!

So there they are. All up & out there for everyone to see. I should know by now that these are put there to help make me a stronger person but its so hard when the voice seems so convincing. I guess that is why they are called EXCUSES right! Well I am calling the the bullsh*t that goes on just so we can sit back on the lounge & eat junk food. Well not anymore! This little black duck is sick of feeling tired & run down. I know how it feels to get out there & eat well! It is amazing. I will get back there and know that I just have to be strong and in control!

Mwah! xoxo

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