Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 1 - Kick Off!

WooHoo! Round 1 2011 for Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation started today. I have been good this time & not jumping on the scales every 10 mins ;) Once a week I have promised myself this time as it just does my head in trying to work out the numbers.

I have been feeling a little down at all the peeps who are meeting up together and doing bootcamps or training with Commando (oh I wish!) but no wallowing this time as wallowing doesnt lose weight! I also go my army tags thanx to the lovely Lisa Demarte! THANK YOU CHICKY!! Perfect timing too!!

So here we go. I am going to try & get blogging each day this time. Even if its just an inspirational quote that I have found and want to share.

Today has been not to bad actually. Enjoyed a bowl of cereal for breaky (yep the best meal of the day so much get back into the habit of eating it) and then wasnt even hungry till lunch. Had myself a wrap with a slice of beef & a piece of swiss cheese. 1 thing I do have to be more disciplined on is the water intake! Must drink 2L per day every day. *kicks butt* I havent done alot exercise wise but the day isnt finished so still time :)

Anyhow must get dinner organised for my troops as well as get things organised for uni tomorrow! EEK! Its one of those orientation sessions so hopefully will understand things a little more after that!

Chat soon but in the mean time

Eat Clean & Train Hard!

Cath xoxo

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