Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pre Season Task 4 - Gear Up

Well this was a soul searching one for me last round since we struggle a little with money & therefore there wasnt much left over to purchase all the fancy stuff needed to get through BUT we did manage to get me some good runners & also a HRM! All my clothes are just specials from Target or Kmart but hey they do the job! I am hoping to one day deck myself out in some decent brand label gym gear but I have found that it isnt something that should stop me from exercising! Thanx to a lovely round 2 person I now own an adidas tank top so yay loving it & just in time for summer!!

I plan to do my workout jsut like last round. 3 times a week at the gym & the rest ill go with the flow & either utilise the outdoor program or do a dvd. My PT is actually heading overseas for 5 weeks (was suppose to be 5yrs but he changed his mind and will only go for summer camps). He is leaving our class (there are 5-6 of us) a few full class routines so that we can keep up the work whilst he is gone. There cant be any slackening off since he has warned us that he will be back & we had better be prepared to be smashed….lol.

I plan to utilse everyday this round to do something. I became complacent throughout round 2 since in my circuit class I was burning over 1000 cals a class 3 times per week. I did manage a couple of weeks of 1000 cals per day but didnt stick with it for long. I am hoping to smash up this next 12 weeks!! I have to before the 45+ degree heat kicks in here.

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