Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pre Season Task 2 - Get Real No More Excuses!

Excuses? What are they again?

Oh yes the things we try to tell ourself when we dont want to do something!

Internal Excuses
No motivation
Too tired
Dont feel like it
I cant keep up
I will fail before I even start
I just dont want to do it anymore!

External Excuses (within control)
Too busy
Its too wet and cold
Had a tough day with the toddler
PT is away so no reason to head to gym
Dont want to walk/exercise alone

External Excuses (outside my control)
Sick kidlets! Although I had my fair share of hospital visits in round two & other than one incident I was prepared for the next trip when my toddler fell ill.

The above are just Excuses. They are the BS we tell ourselves to make us feel better about why we dont want to do something. Starting tomorrow isnt good enough as you shouldnt have fell off today! This is round 3 & since I am not a newbie to the world of 12WBT I think my excuses have all but run out

Cath xoxo

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