Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Days 1 & 2 - This is it!

Day 1 - So I was awoken several times throughout the night with a sick bubba. She has a blocked nose & an annoying cough poor little thing! Day started at 5am when alarm went off for hubby for work. I didnt mind since real estate was coming out to do house inspection as they do every 6 months. Speaking of house inspection, I have spent the last 4 days scrubbing, wiping, cleaning & also catching up on washing since the weather has been craptacular. So glad we have some glorious weather!

So getting back to it all, day started early. Had myself a yummo bowl of porridge for breakkie & washed it down with a cup of green tea. Ready to face the day now! Anyhow got it all done & inspection went so well that it was a less than 5 min visit of walk in say yep all good & they walked out!! 4 days of scrubbing, cleaning, washing etc & they didnt even look! Ah well now I get to enjoy a VERY clean house & what better way to start of my next round of 12WBT than without mess.

I had gym class at6pm & it was the first class without our PT! It was actually quite fun & was more a group of girls out for an arvo run/workout. We did some laps of the AFL oval, some sprints then finished it all off with some ab work. All up it was a 953 cal workout sesh so I am happy with that.

Ate clean all day other than the couple of bikkies that slipped in but still under cal count so not all a disaster. Still have to stop that munching though! Have to also work on getting to bed at a decent hour!

Day 2 - Once again woken by the alarm at 5am but didnt get up this time. So glad I have older kids as they got themselves off to school & Tilly slept through until 9.30 as did I *gasp* Havent been feeling the best over the last few day & think I may be coming down with what Tilly has. Trying to soldier on though & obviously must have needed the sleep too! I even laid down on the lounge today whilst Tilly slept & had another 2hour sleep then! Once up though I had to get the brain & body in the right mood to JFDI & get out the door.

I got myself into workout gear.....half way there so thats good right! WRONG! It still took me another hour of arguing with my inner teenager of how far I would walk or how long or how many cals burnt to aim for before I looked at the time, realised how late it was & finally got out the door! I managed to do 3km pushing Tilly in the pram uphill & down & burnt 400 cals so it didnt turn out a total loss. Tilly loved it too so as long as weather holds out I think ill make that a daily thing.

Been good with food but still slack with water so have to work on that area.

Its my Birthday tomorrow so red flag day for me! No cake but will be sure to get myself a nice big bowl of strawberries, banana & yoghurt ;) Who would have thought it would take me 34 years to realise how unhealthy my life has been! Well I am just so happy that I have found that healthy & exercise is good for the mind, body & soul. Better late than never! Happy 34th to me for tomorrow :)

Cath xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday Cath!!
    If you like cottage cheese I LOVE strawberries & cottage cheese as an afternoon snack.
    Well done on smacking the inner teenager around the head and getting on with your walk. The fact that Tilly enjoyed it too is fantastic!

  2. Happy birthday for today :)

    The cold sniffling children thing has hit our house too! I have the sniffles and this morning I awoke with a start thinking I hadn't heard the alarm. Then I realised I had it in my hands! lol.

    Hope you are feeling much better today, and that you had a fantastic, sparkly, birthday. x