Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The finish line!!

Well alas all good things must come to an end and that is what has happened to round 2 of the 12WBT! After 12 weeks of smashing it up & eating well, the finish line has been crossed!

Have enjoyed the most amazing weekend in Sydney which could have only been made better should my hubby have been able to come. So here is how my whole weekend panned out!

After leaveing Junee at around 8.30 Friday morning, we finally arrived at Novotel Darling Harbour to check in at 2pm!! Was texted by Jo at 3.30 to say that the 12WBT crew were downstairs! Nerves set in  I as like hmmm do I hide in my room or do I JFDI & get out the door. One thing this program has taught me is not to be scared or nervous & to just do it. Dont think about things too much as your mind will always over think the situation. My first challenge was here & it was time to face it.......meeting people!

I am so glad I went down there as I ended up having a fabulous afternoon with some truely amazing people! Mind you, I did have my can of confidence which helped immensely. Next hurdle was to go to dinner & meet even more people! A big thank you to Amiee & Jess for pretty much not letting me even think of not going! Heck they even chauffeured me there. I will never forget 3 laps of the city then turn left to get to destination....haha. Dinner was great but I headed off for an early night & once again Jess & Amiee were kind enough to chauffeur me back to my motel. Much sleep was to be had now as big day coming up!

Saturday - D-Day has arrived! Got all dressed & ready to go, visited the markets for a while & met up with an amazing lady whom I hope to have as a friend for a long time! Suzanne & I walked to training & had a great chat about many things including how I have known her sister on another forum for close to 3 years!! amazing!

First up was the training sesh! After a quick warm up it was 1km time trials! I put myself into the intermediate group. I ran my time the fastest ever 5mins 15secs!! I think I have a new goal of getting in at sub 5 now ;) Training sesh was set into 3 groups, strength, running tips & cardio! All 3 trainers worked us hard! I knew that I would be sore in the days to come but I didnt care as this pain is GOOD pain!!

Finally hurdle of the weekend was going to dinner in a dress & heels! I dont wear dresses or heels so this was my final step. I had got through everything else so once again I JFDI & got out the door. The night was amazing & I got to chat with some truely inspirational people as well as made some new friends that will hopefully be for life!

The winner of 12WBT Round 2 - Bev!

No prizes were won by myself but honestly who needs a prize when you have your life back? I am living, breathing & enjoying it so much right now. I have an amazing family who love me, I have a massive group of amazing friends who all take me for who I am & most of all I have learnt so much in the last 12 weeks that is just a prize within itself.

12WBT for me changed my life & it changed my families life. I am now so ready for round 3 as well as dare I say it possibly preparing for next years City to Surf ;) Shhhh its a secret though that my hubby told me I should do but who knows!

Mwah to Mish, Amelia, all the Ambassadors & the 12WBT behind the scenes crew. You are all so wonderful & amazing. From me, I thank you so much! Mwah! xoxo

Cant believe I took such a good shot after so many champagnes! #proud

So here I am signing off from round 2 & getting ready to start posting my round 3 blog! I will keep it all on this one since Time to Lose it For Good is what I am planning to do! 20th September is the starting line & I am ready to face this challenge head on once again!

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