Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends!

Well the last 12 hours have certainly showed me that there are still people in this world who truely care for others. I also have learnt that sometimes, help is offered for a reason and its offered because the person wants to offer it. The hard part is accepting said offer.

So when the amazing ladies from this round started planning for me to be in Sydney all from a conversation about Kit Kat dark chocolate......well really who was I too argue.

There were calls of who has a bed and even some lovely ladies offering there hard earnt dollars so that I could be there for finale. I was quickly running out of dress was met with its ok we can find you one....who has a dress. All major details were planned out and before I knew it, I had booked my ticket to Sydney....I arrive on Friday.

In the words of Shona - We will dress you, you will go to the ball.

This was met with a reply from another 12WBTer - the princess will go to the ball!

Next minute clothes were being arranged.....I was left with no more excuses. There was nothing more I could say but.....


I am so humbled at the kindness I have been offered here and I am still finding it hard to deal with this since I am usually the one who is making others happy.....not people making me happy. I even struggle with body image so the thought of wearing a dress and even looking remotely pretty has me second guessing myself.

I will be going to the finale 10kg heavier almost than when I was last there BUT this time its different. This time my mind is in the right place and this time, my wonderful family have been nothing but supportive. Even my hubby gave up smoking during this 12 weeks......FOR ME! Well for him but I was his excuse to stop since I havent had a cigarette since April 28th 2010.

I feel that I may be judged but I also know that I should hold my head high. I have dealt with so much this past 11 weeks and always came out on top. I have to start regaining the confidence back that I use to have when I was younger. I think being mum since I was a kid myself (17), has taken its toll. I have never known life as nothing more than being mummy and now I am trying to be my own person and get a university degree.

These things are all made so much easier though with the support and love of amazing people. It is those amazing people that are helping me take that step out of my little comfort circle and out into the big wide world. It will also be those people that will be with me every step of the way.

My 12WBT family both huggies & main round as well as my real family are my rock. It is you people that keep me honest and helped me really understand what this is about. I hope to pay this forward one day. I am not sure how but perhaps if I jsut keep on keeping on, then that person that is inspiring to so many will continue to inspire others which in turn will mean more healthy people in this world and that is important.

Mwah! and ill see you all in Sydney!

Cath xoxo

PS Shoutout to Shona for beginning this planning for me and not stopping till it was done.


  1. Well done Cath. I hope you have a brilliant time!

  2. The princess will go to the ball - and I will get to meet her! Yay! See you there! xx

  3. I can't wait for you to be in Sydney to celebrate with us all honey!!

  4. It was fun watching it all unfold! I really hope you have a good time. Go in there with your head held high. Embrace all your fellow 12wbt'ers and know that they are not judging you. xx

  5. Wow Cath that is awesome news!
    As my husband says, 'the universe always provides what you need', so I guess it is telling you, loud and clear, that you deserve to be the bell at the ball Cath, cause you have certainly put in the hard yards to get there.
    I love it that the 12WBT huggies mums go together and made it happen for you.
    It is going to be an awesome event, and so great to be able to meet in person. Yay!
    Keep smiling and I look forward to meeting you Saturday!
    Bring it on!
    NinaC x