Friday, December 16, 2011

What a whirlwind of a weekend! (Part Two!)

Well here is part 2 as promised. Sorry its a little late but uni has taken priority. Even pulled the #JFDI and the #NoExcuses card today to get it done!

So where did I leave off.......

Oh yeah. I was all dress and ready but still felt so uncomfortable. I dont do dresses....not ever. Ok twice before. My wedding day, and last Finale I went too back in September last year. I am more a jeans and shirt girl....nice big baggy ones preferable to cover up the lumps and bumps!

So there I was in a dress and the biggest high heels EVER ready to walk out the door. We decided on a cab to which we had to walk a block from our motel since there cabs were flat out and the guy at the counter said it would have been quicker that way. Ah yep might be better but one problem......


So wasnt I a site to see. Walking down a busy street trying hail a taxi in a black dress and high heels......the whole comfort thing was quickly leaving me and I was feeling so overwhelmed. I was glad to get to the Fox & Lion Pub so that I could have a nice cold lemon, lime and vodka. Ah! That hit the spot and the nerves settled.

I saw so many amazing looking ladies in there before the doors were open. You could tell the ones who had been at the workout cause we all had the 'Michelle Bridges Tan Line' happening. It might have looked weird but we could all be proud of the workout we had done that morning!

So enough blabber....onto important stuff!!

Doors opened at the Hall of Industries and we were set to start our partying! on arrival, we were greeted by a red carpet to which photos were taken. None with Michelle this time which was a little disappointing but I guess smiling for the camera with over 1000 people would be tough! With pics done it was time to do the walk of champagne! and I mean the walk of champagne. There was literally 15 or so waiters all standing in a line as we walking in with trays of champagne. It was like being a superstar.

I quickly found us a seat cause in my heels, there was no way I could stand for too long. Mind you it was the back corner near the back bar and toilets. Always have to think ahead as you never know when things might become too overwhelming and you have to hide oops I mean go to the toilet.

The formalities of the evening started and I was getting more and more nervous. Remember I mentioned in my last blog about having news that I couldnt share just yet......well it was about to be shared.....with every person who was doing the 12WBT!

A quick chat with Mr Mish (Billy), Lisa and Amiee, I was being whisked away by the arm. The fantastic Amelia had hunted me down as I never got the second email about the whole meeting OOPS! Sorry Meelsy.
With the fabulous Amiee! She has been with 12WBT since its inception and has been a wonderful support to me on my journey too. She will be missed greatly next round that is for sure!

What more can I say about these two people. Mr Mish (aka Billy) and the amazing Lisa F who I am so proud of. Both of these people are just wonderful. I can only begin to imagine how proud Billy is of Michelle when he attend these events.

So here we first lot of news was to be shared.....

The Top 20~ There are a couple missing though that were unable to be there on the night.
My excitement could finally be let out of the bag. I had almost let it slip earlier but contained myself. It was my moment. Doing the whole walk on the stage and down the catwalk and then joining fellow 12WBTers who had also made the top 20.

My Walk of fame. I was actually crapping myself here as there was so many people out there!

Michelle started her awards speeches.....and out came this....

Blogger Cath Perkins (cathperko) Been with 12WBT since Round 2, 2010. Joined the Huggies program to help inspire other Mums. She was very active on the forums and did over 20 thoughtful, moving and motivating blog posts and countless tweets to keep members going.

It really is an honour to have someone like Michelle say "I am proud of you!" 

OMG not just top 20 but also blogging too! I didnt realise that people even read my blog other than a couple. EEK! Major excitement now. My prize was a medal as well as a nice set of Tanita scales and a starshots voucher.

It was a very proud moment. To top it off, I even got a photo with Michelle. Perfect!

Excuse the tan lines oops I mean Michelle Bridges Workout lines :)

Who could forget the amazing support group that is the Huggies crowd. I love them all!

The night ended all to quickly and it was back to reality. I didnt finally doze off until 2am and the body had me awake at 4.45am. ARGH! I ended up just getting up as I had a train to catch home to my real family who had been missing me all weekend.

It has taken me a while to get around to posting this blog as I have had a few things to deal with since my winning. Its been tough as there is always jealous people out there but I also am one of the first who will be happy for another no matter what so what transpired was a tad hurtful. I have some amazing friends though who have helped me get through it all and I am now a stronger person for it.

To top of my amazing weekend, I see a fellow blogger has put a pic of us on his blog. For those who watch Bondi Rescue, he is known as Reidy but to me, he is a fellow 12WBTer who walked his talk and got results. I also found a couple more Bondi Rescue boys in my travels. They are so nice to chat with as well.

I would also like to congratulate the other amazing winners from the Huggies round.....

5 rat bags for the Quiet Achiever award

Sandpaperthighs for the Inspirational Role Model Award.

Of course all the Huggies mums and actually every person who does the 12WBT who follows the program and has walked their talk deserve a big pat on the back and a massive


I hope to see some of you back next round. I am definitely coming back for round 6 as I am not ready to give this up yet. I do have goals set over the holidays though so the silly season wont be so silly :)

Now for all my blog readers, back in November I made a post called The Raw Me! Here is an update for the end of the 12 weeks for you all.

SW: 84.8kg
CW: 78.9kg
WLTW: 600g
WIW1: 84kg
WIW2: 83.9kg
WIW3: 84kg
WIW4: 83.7kg
WIW5: 82.9kg
WIW6: 82.8kg
WIW7: 82kg
WIW8: 81.4kg
WIW9: 80.1kg
WIW10: 80.3kg
WIW11: 79.4kg
WIW12: 78.9kg

GW1 - 84kg ACHIEVED 28/09/2011
GW2 - 82.5kg ACHIEVED 09/11/2011
GW3 - 81.5kg ACHIEVED 16/11/2011
GW4 - 79kg ACHIEVED 16/12/2011
GW5 - 77kg
10%GW - 76.3kg
EGW - 65kg

Chest: W1: 94cm Wk4: 93cm Week 8: 90cm  NOW: 87.5cm (-6.5cm)
Waist: W1: 103.5cm Wk4: 101cm Week 8: 97cm NOW: 96cm (-7.5cm)
Hips: W1: 114cm Wk4: 111cm Week 8: 107cm NOW: 103.5cm (-10.5cm)
Thigh measurement distance from knee: 33cm
(R) Thigh: W1: 64cm Wk4: 62cm Week 8: 60cm NOW: 58cm (-6cm)
(L) Thigh: W1: 62.5cm Wk4: 61cm Week 8: 59cm NOW: 57.5cm (-5cm)

And so my journey continues.......


Cath xoox

Thought I had better add these amazing videos in too!

Member Journeys -

Michelles intro video -

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