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What a whirlwind of a weekend! (Part One)

Wow wow wow.....just OMG WOW! A BIG thank you to the Huggies mums who helped out (you each know who you are! Mwah!)

What a whirlwind of a weekend. It all went by too quickly really and I didnt want it to end although I was missing my family so much. Especially standing on that stage and knowing so many couples were out there looking up at me on stage but for me, my hubby was at home with the children. I really missed them and with my phone running red hot, I know they missed me too.

For someone who has found it easy with words, I am finding it hard to write this blog which considering the award I have won, is a tough thing to come to terms with. I have no words that will match what I have seen this weekend. It has been amazing.

I think for me it was wonderful to see just how much Michelles program really has grown. I remember going in just the second round last year and whilst it was a lot smaller, it was still a large function for me then! So this was on a phenomenal scale!

Round 2 Last year

Round 3 This year and just over 12 months later!

The workout was HUGE!! I mean last workout I did with Michelle, we fit easily on a small oval and there was only a few of us. I even heard someone say on Saturday that the amount of volunteers needed at the workout on Saturday, matched the number of people who were at her very first round 1 workout! AMAZING! So to see 1200 people all working out after working through the same goals was just fantastic. I can only begin to imagine what Michelle felt when she looked out from that stage and saw all those people looking back at her. People who she has given a new lease on life to. People who have got things into perspective and now JFDI every day. Michelle and the 12WBT team may be the ones who give us the tools, but it is us who decides what we do with them.

So, where do I start? It has been such a jam packed weekend filled with so much that its tough to put it into perspective for you all but I shall try!


Woke up super early as I only really confirmed everything yesterday for my last minute trip to Sydney. Had some super AMAZING news which I was not allowed to share with anyone but close family. Little did I know that come Saturday night, everyone would know who I was and want to come congratulate me but thats another story!!

Once packed it was off to Wagga for my nice long train ride. By the time the train arrived in Wagga, it was already 10 minutes late....ARGH! As if train trips arent long I had planned ahead for the trip and made sure I had a good lunch so that I didnt have to eat train food...EEW! I also packed some of the Biggest Loser high protein bars which was good that I did cause I started to get peckish at around 6pm, my usual dinner time. I thought that it would be ok since the train was due in at almost 8pm anyhow.....well that was until the announcement that the train was over an hour late /sigh. So I didnt get in till close on 9pm. I had an old school friend meet me and it was onto another train to get to her house.

My Friday night didnt finally end until almost 11pm although we chatted till well after 1.30am! Early start tomorrow too....or is that today wink


D-Day had arrived. So fast I might add. Alarm went off at 7am but I was already awake since the body clock thinks that 5am is a sleep in. So when the alarm went off at 7 I was glad to be able to get up and get organised. Time almost stands still when you are waiting for it to tick over doesnt it. In the car at 9am and we were off to pick up another friend of mine from school. Mind you both of these girls I had not seen since I was 17 or so. 18 years it had been but we are still such good friends.

We arrived at the venue at around 10am! I was gobsmacked at how big it was! I mean last Time I came, there was no stage, no stands no nothing. this was full fanfare with tents from the sponsors (Tanita, Polar, Triumph) and even a first aide tent where they were testing blood sugar and blood pressure. Once all registered in and waiver handed over, I was given my pass to go to the finale. I cant believe admin had done the amazing job of getting my card organised and changed over from the amazing Shona's name who happened to give me her ticket so that I could make finale (Mwah Miss Shona xoxo). I headed off to the first aide tent to get my blood things done. Sugar was 6.1....not sure if that was good or bad but considering that my friends are the same age and only got 4.8 I might get it looked at further. Blood pressure was 120/90 so that was fine!

It was time to find the Huggies sign that had been made up by the wonderful Lizzy. I found the sign shortly after but there was no sign of Lizzy. She was out doing a casual 4km run apparently. Crazy lady thats for sure! I got to meet a few Huggies mums as well as the lovely Nina & Chelsea who are two of the lovely support crew on the forums here.Chelsea was even fabulous enough to bring me a spare HRM strap since mine was chucking wobblies and the one I had coming from Mel hadnt arrived yet (although it had, just the postie delivered it 1 hour too late!).

This is where things started to get full on and exciting! I saw so many old friends. Hoffy, Amiee, Bev, Albert and so many more! Then I heard the voice. "Perko you made it!" It was the Michelle. The woman herself and the one I promised that I would walk my talk this round. I was able to give her a hug and feel good about it since I hadnt broken my word. After some quick snaps with the Huggies crew, I was whisked away to do an interview on the 12WBT program. I could have spoken for hours on what it has done for me but thought nope, I will stick to the question and try and get to the point fast! I am not one for cameras really as have a major body image complex at this time. With workout due to start it was time to get ready and up to the workout area!

 With Amelia Burton! The creator of the famous #crackofarse workouts!
Huggies crew with Michelle

The workout was just grand! It was 1200 people all working out together after 12 weeks (although its only 11 for us Huggies members!) of pure healthy eating and making healthy choices. It was just amazing to see and be a part of! One thing I wont forget is stopping mid pushup then collapsing on the ground. Next minute there is that voice again, "come on Perko, you arent done yet!" Yep I was so busted. I didnt even see that she was near our group but everytime I wanted to stop from then on, I made sure I kept on going. Afterall, when it hurts, that is when change is happening right!!

Michelle after her few words of umm kindness to me to get my arse moving ;)

1 hour later and the workout was done! 1200 cals burnt. Yay for smashing my Super Saturday Session. It set me up though to be able to enjoy the evening with a few cold ones and not feel guilty. This was a red flag event for us Huggies 12WBTers so we needed to still watch our intake since we have one more weigh in day to go wink

More happy snaps with Michelle and the huggies crew and I even got to have a long chat with the fabulously amazing Simone! This lady is just well words cant describe her. She was so kind and took the time to come say hi as well as get to know me as a person. More of this was to come later on at the party. She was so inviting and kind as well as keeping me involved in the evening but more on that later on.

Huggies Crew with Michelle After workout (above)

(left) The amazing Simone!

 (Right) With the fabulous Amiee who I have got to know since round two last year. She truely is a lovely person and so bubbly too!
(Left) With the lovely Bev! I felt for her seeing her out of action and on crutches atm. Get well soon Bev!
3 best friends or is that 4. Michelle is and always will be inspiring

It was time to head to the motel and get prettified for the amazing night ahead. Remember I still had some exciting news that I could not share with anyone that I was holding in so this made the time go even slower. A good thing though since I had no idea how to do my hair or anything. My dress was a last minute purchase that I had only tried on once and I wasnt exactly sure how I felt in it or about wearing it and it didnt help that everyone I had seen or caught up with were all looking amazing. I had to fight these demons that were trying to bring me down. It was good having my great friend Lynda there with me though as she reassured me that I did indeed look ok. The ladies on facebook did well to try and keep my spirits high but I always have this thought in the back of my mind that people say what they think we want to hear rather than the truth.

 The final look! I may be smiling on the outside but I can tell you now, I am shuddering on the inside!

To be honest, I am very subconscious about how I look and I was and still am questioning whether that dress was the best choice for me but I have to remember that I am still on my journey. I have got through the toughest part where we turn that light on so why do I feel so down on me. Is it cause most people I spoke to are at goal or close to goal? Is it cause I knew what was coming at the party and wanted to be up there in front of everyone not just feeling good about myself but knowing that I was looking good? or is it just that no matter how I look, I am too harsh a judge on myself? It could have been even all of the above put together. Who knows!

TBC as its getting late and I have my alarm set for the first time in 2 weeks for 4.45am! Not that ill need it since my body just wakes up Will finish this tomorrow though then its onto uni work that I have let suffer. Sometimes you just enjoy the break thats all. I am dreading taking summer subjects but know it will be for the best in the long run.

Take Care all and Chat soon. Thank you to those who have been reading along with my blog.

Cath xoxo

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