Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Need to beat the mind games!!

7 August 2013, 8:50pm

Reading through the posts on the forum and cant help but feel a little disappointed in my very small weight loss of 200g this week. I know people say, "but a loss is a loss". Sometimes a small loss is a hard pill to swallow when you know you have done the work but the body jsut wont catch up to show you!
So, reading the forums and I see that there seems to be minimal people in my position (small losses) but so many who have achieved outstanding results. They are outstanding too and should be congratulated!! Then there is me, I feel I have done all I could last week before getting on those scales. I even flexed my will power muscle whilst out at the school boys carnival and stuck to my guns to eat healthy......the scales though, they barely budged. The same thing happend last week too. The week before that I was happy dancing with a 1.5kg loss!! WOOHOO! Yay. But is this the way it is going to happen? Big loss, no loss, small loss? I havent changed anything? Perhaps I should? 
So many questions!!
You know what though......I am trusting the process. I am going to stick to what is on the nutrition and training schedule and I am scratch that, I know that the results are going to come. This is just another test in the mind games of getting to a healthier version of me. I am moving from the I cant to the I CAN!! I am also trying to get my head around the fact that what is happening to someone else, doesnt necessarily mean I am suppose to get the exact same results! 
So to all those that are just like me out there and wondering why you are losing just little numbers, stick with it!
My new mantra.....I am 65kg, the scales just arent showing it yet :)
Have a great Wednesday
Cath xx

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