Friday, August 9, 2013

Its nice to have time alone with hubby :)

9 August 2013, 8:13pm

Hi Gang!!
Went on a cute date with hubby at one of the nice Chinese places. Ate way too much, feeling way too full but it was nice to have some us time as we never do anything without the children. I think I gained 3kg tonight so it looks like ill be working hard this weekend to burn it off. It was for a good cause though.
Just to add, it has been years since we actually were able to get out WITHOUT children so tonight was nice. It felt even better to fill up on fruit and salad rather than all things greasy. 
You can go out and enjoy yourself without the worry of falling off the wagon too hard. BIG WEEKEND coming up although have to get through tomorrows footy trip with dear son to Albury (2 hours away). Already pre-prepared though so no detouring.
Have a great weekend
Cath xx

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