Saturday, March 24, 2012

6 hours at a gym....WHAT!!

What a massively busy week I have had! I also have had a pretty humongous break down but it was what I needed I think but thats another story!

So happily for the first time in a while, I managed to get 2 assessments in ON TIME for uni this week! I have been pretty fabulous with my eating at uni too so that is a really big plus.

So other than uni what has happened......

Well guess what I now own.....


That means within my home I have a treadmill, a cross trainer and lots of free weights, barbells, dumb bellsetc. Not to mention that hubby is progressing very nicely through his PT training. I tell you what, Michelle and the crew work amazingly hard putting these programs together.....I thought it was as simple as yep lets put together 'x' amount of exercises and put them in the god no its not that simple! Its a case of what muscles, then placed in order is actually quite time consuming really. I am however enjoying tagging along as its helping put all this in perspective that I have been doing for so long! I really do admire the crew for their time that goes into this as it would be pretty huge!

Anyhow, today I spent from 7am till 1.00pm at the gym. Yep a whole 6 hours! 6 hours at a gym I hear you say......DOING WHAT!! Well from 7am till about 11.30, it was with hubby and the other trainee PTs. Was quite interesting as we worked through how to use machines etc as well as techniques. I see now how easy it is to get an exercise wrong and so easily hurt yourself. It was quite amazing listening to a trainer of over 25 years talking through all the exercises that could be done as well as helping us do them correctly too!

But it wasnt all play.....

I finished up by doing my workout program I had written a few weeks ago! I am also feeling a tad sore this evening so I dread tomorrow. At least its a good pain right wink

Bedtime now (yes Mish I hear you saying OMG Perko its 10.30 and you are still awake!) I plan on finishing my nice warm green tea and then I think I will be asleep before my head hits the pillow. It has been a very draining week..... both physically and mentally but a week where I have learnt so much about myself too.

Take care all and chat soon!

Cath xoxo

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