Friday, March 9, 2012

Back on board and ready to roll!

So I thought the above post had a place of belonging in my blog. I also wanted to take some time to reflect on what I have learnt....well not learnt but came to realise over the last few days.

When you are on the weightloss journey, you are also on the save your own life journey. This last week I know how important life really is. It is amazing how much brute force Mother Nature can have but its not something that we too cant have also!

Mother Nature as some may think is selfish since she thinks and cares for nothing in her way. In actual fact though, these floods and disaters have been happening for way longer than we have lived here and will keep happening. Why? Because Mother Nature knows that even our landscape needs a clean out sometimes in order to grow again.

How is a weightloss journey so different?

We all set out on a path to clean up our whirlwind selves. We end with a better version and a new life. This is the same with our landscape and disasters. New life will come from this as well as new beginnings. So I am going to use this to push me forward and climb back aboard. I need to get my mindset back and I wont get it back by sitting here wishing it would magically appear. That wont happen. You know it and I know it!

Its time to pick ourselves up from whatever disaster we have made of our lives and begin again. Noone has failed if you get yourself back on track.....we only fail if we give up totally.

So lets get back to basics, get back on the wagon and heres to a brand new start for all those who feel that they have failed.

Cath xoxo

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