Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And here we are....back again for Round ummm I forget now!

Uni studies and assessment have got in the way of me spending some time to suss out the blogger sites so I can create a new one. So I shall just start here and once I have a free moment, will transfer this to somewhere more permanent.

So where to begin. I guess the very beginning as is always said. I have done my intro post so you already know that I am a mum of 4 and happily married and its not hard to see I am a returning member since I have the big tag below my avatar displaying that fact. So what happened? Why am I still here after 5 rounds yet promote the program so happily.

Cause I am the one who has failed. Not the program. That is the honest truth. Its tough to admit when we are wrong and not try and find blame on someone else. I did try though! I blamed my hubby, I blamed my children.....I blamed the local gym for not get another personal trainer when the regular one left. I blamed everyone but the person whose fault it really was............


So here I am back again 5 round later and after an amazing first round where I found myself after being lost for so long went back to that place that I had worked so hard to come from. The bonus however is that whilst I was in a good place and things had gotten better back then is the fact I applied for university. I was accepted and am currently 3 weeks off finishing my first year!

I have had an epiphany in the last few days to which I will share with you all tomorrow. It is something we all know but we all seem to forget so easily too. I call this my lightbulb moment....Michelle would be nodding her head and clapping her hands saying oh my gosh.....finally she gets it.

Until tomorrow.

Much love, luck and not too much food

Cath xoxo

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