Sunday, May 22, 2011

If you can dream it you can achieve it!!!


It is Monday the 15th of August 2011. Another round of Michelles 12 week body transformation program has finished but this one has been different. I didnt quit half way through and I ate clean the whole way. I look back on my progress in admiration of myself at how far I have come since the same time last year. After 4 rounds of the program, I finally got what it all meant. The mindset lessons, the weekly streams, the food, the all makes sense now.

The phone rings and its one to tell me that I need to be at the finale party as I have placed within the top 20 amazing transformations! I have done it. I have believed and I have achieved. I know now that I will be looking fabulous when I have my first ever professional photo shoot done. This of course is part of the prize that I have just won. i have also been told that I have been so impressive and inspiring that I am to continue on in the program as an ambassador so I can help others who have been where I was and let them know that anything is achievable if you want it to be so.

This round has been a major challenge for not only me but also my head. I have got it where I want it to be and  feel amazing for it. Finishing this round has been like finishing a major assessment that is due in 12 weeks and then getting not just a pass but a distinction for it! No longer am i ashamed to look in the mirror and I am once again able to buy at least size 12 clothing. I have done the hard yards.

It has taken alot of tears and mindset lessons to get to this point but I wouldnt change any of it. Eating junk food and being lazy WAS a way of life, but there is so much more out there when you want it. I have got to meet some amazing people and have made lifelong friends. There is no going back to where I was. ever again.

I started the round with a motto. A line from my them song..."NOTHING STAYS THE SAME....MAYBE ITS TIME TO CHANGE". I now finish with the line altered...."NOTHING STAYS THE SAME.....I HAVE DEFINITELY CHANGED".

Cath xoxo

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  1. You are a Determined, Committed and Changed Person xo