Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well, I couldnt come back to this since first of all the bank cancelled my credit cards due to then being compromised (yay bank but not yay for me as it meant my payment couldnt be processed!) and now to top it off I think my toddler has chickenpox. Got to love the joys of being a mum right! Final 3 weeks of uni, assessments coming out of my ears and a sick toddler as well as a workout routine to look after.

What to do.....

The old Cath would have just tossed everything aside and quite possibly turned to all food that is bad but something is different.....

The new Cath is ready to go!

Since day one kick off yesterday, I have got up to my alarm at 4.50AM, got out of bed, dressed and organised, then off I go. Meet up with a friend and we walk for around 40 minutes! Both mornings, I have burnt my 500 cals and walked 4km before 6am! Its great since there is no time for the excuses to kick in at that time of the day...not to mention how gorgeous the sunrise is. Makes you appreciate living in the country smile I have attached pics from the last 2 days. It is just divine to watch!

 Mondays Sunrise
Today's Sunrise

So as for my epiphany, to buy junk food you need money. I am one of the first ones to say how tight our budget is yet I seem to be able to mange to buy a chocolate. Without money, we wouldnt be able to buy these luxuries that we should just rub onto our arse cause thats where they are going. So why do I find myself always struggling with money but have it there to get the wrong food? Why.....because that little inner voice (you know the one that says "just one more bite wont hurt") has been in control. Not anymore! I am taking charge and I am putting that little voice back in its box. This is the same voice that gives me all the excuses in the world to not exercise and the same voice that has me where I am now.....overweight and unhappy!

I havent yet done my fitness test but will get to it today. I am sure once I finish there will be tears of sadness since looking at where I am now to where I was 12 months ago makes me feel ashamed and disappointed. I am back with the 12WBT program though, ready to shake it, move it and lose it! There are no more excuses left in the book and slowly but surely I am learning how to defeat that inner demon.

Morning walks are going to be part of my new routine and if its raining, ill either get wet or ill jump on the cross trainer since that sits right at the door!

I am beating my demons one day at a time and so far, the outcome is looking amazing.

Bring on weigh in day tomorrow!!

Until next time, in Michelles words "EAT CLEAN and TRAIN HARD" Be honest to yourself with what you are doing and eating.

Cath xoxo

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  1. Hmm, yes, the fitness test. Got me rather bummed. Where did my fitness go? In reality, I know what happened, I put on 15kg and my body is struggling to drag it's own fat ass around!!
    Facing up to the ugly truth is hard...but you can do it.
    He's my vlog/blog about the fitness test....