Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yin and Yang never seem to come together at the same time!

So after an amazing week with exercise 2 weeks ago where I walked through the forest for 60km ande burnt over 6000 cals for the week, I lost my way somewhere. When I weighed in last week and only lost 200g I was devastated. I mean, I did all that exercise and my eating was clean but still such a small loss.

Then the mind games began this week.......

I mean, I worked my butt off for so little so what was the point. The little voices in my head started winning and then disaster happened. I twisted my ankle walking out to the car :( Hubby who is also a personal trainer made sure I did the whole R.I.C.E thing and then it became an excuse. Hey I dont have to exercise if im injured right. I can sit here and munch on junk food and just lax out cause im in pain right......WRONG!! Its these mind games that have seen me sit on that 10-15kg to lose for over 2 years now. How can I have been so strong just 2 weeks ago yet so weak now? Its these questions that I ask myself everyday yet I still procrastinate and do more thinking than doing! I mean this week I ended up GAINING 1,5kg. 1.5 damn kilos back on this body. Admittedly I have still lost a few centimeters but 1.5kg puts me so close to where I started 10 weeks ago! Why cant I get this right once and for all?

So this brings me to my question...................

So how do we get the yin working in unison with the yang? It's a question I ask myself often. I mean, I can get the food right but not at the same time as the exercise and then when I get the exercise right, the food slides. It's a tough one! They say food is 80% of the challenge but not when you have such a small amount to lose. You need that 20% exercise In Order  to drop the kilos. This week I am going to use my food diary and aim for at least 3 workout sessions this week. My daily goal is to drink at least 2L of water. It's the small steps that turn into big ones eventually. I am going back to my old motto this week "Be true to yourself and your dreams will be achieved".

Have an amazin week everyone! Reach for your dreams no matter how big or small xoxo


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