Monday, March 4, 2013


So I think this girl has it all worked out! A diet is not what I am on since I am not giving up anything. The option to eat whatever is still there, I am just choosing not to rather than the alternative.

So this ones a quick post from me today since uni is back in full swing! Stoked with myself for really getting in there and JFDIing today. Here was my schedule.....

9am-10am lecture

10am-11am.......FREETIME but GUESS WHAT I DID!!!!!

I WENT TO THE FRICKIN GYM. Yes thats right. I went and used that time to smash out a 48 minute session with a good friend. 577 calories and OMG felt amazing when I was done. Cath 1 - Voices - 0. Oh yeah!

then 11am-12pm was yet another lecture.

Who says that you cant mix uni with pleasure. Planning on heading to the gym again tomorrow after my 8am lecture too. Now, if I can keep this up each week, I will have beaten the uni curse of weight gain each session.....and ill be happy dancing as I will be allowed to shop once again at my fave shop....Lorna Jane!

BRING IT ON!!! Nothing is stopping me now :)

Cath xoxo

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