Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 3 - The Week that was!

So here we are and at the end of week 3! Gosh how time flies. I have been so busy this week with appointments and meetings for my daughters Debutante Ball that was on Friday, that I forgot where I was even up too. Throw uni into the mix and you almost have a disaster!

But I can hold my head high :) I may have crumbled a few times through the week food wise but I did not drink soft drink (other than in my mixers on Friday night), and the results have shown today on the scales. I am almost happy dancing today. Compared to last week where I gained a massive amount, I can proudly say that this week I have lost weight! Even after all the formalities! Although I think I danced about 3000 calories off on Friday night haha! Body is still feeling it today ;)

So onto the boring stuff!!

Weekly Measurements as of today 22/04/2013

SW: 79.8kg
CW: 77.2kg

WLTW: -1.6kg
WIW1: 77.3kg
WIW2: 78.8kg
WIW3: 77.2kg
WIW4: kg
WIW5: kg
WIW6: kg
WIW7: kg
WIW8: kg
WIW9: kg
WIW10: kg
WIW11: kg

GW1 - 78kg ACHIEVED 28/4/2013
GW2 - 76kg
GW3 - 74kg

GW4 - 72kg
GW5 - 68kg
10%GW - 71.8kg
EGW - 65kg

Chest: W1: 87.5cm Wk4: cm Week 8: cm NOW: 89cm
Waist: W1: 87.5cm Wk4: cm Week 8: cm NOW: 87cm
Hips: W1: 99cm Wk4: cm Week 8: cm NOW: 98.5cm
Thigh measurement distance from knee: 33cm
(R) Thigh: W1: 57 Wk4: cm Week 8: cm NOW: 55.5cm
(L) Thigh: W1: 58 Wk4: cm Week 8: cm NOW: 56cm

Starting BMI is 27.9. NOW: 27.4
My goal is to get this to 23.

Just before I finish, I thought I should share a pic of my gorgeous daughter on the day of her Deb!

Next weeks aim is to get some exercise in somewhere along with the healthy eating. Still trying to get them happening together but its a tough one!

Have a good week everyone!

Cath xoxo


  1. great happy snaps, and grats on the loss! fyi - I used to ask over the bar to use diet options in my mixers. dunno if they ever did what I asked, but worthwhile asking for it

    great job! :-)

    1. Thanks :) Had an amazing night. I usually go for vodka and soda water but they only had all premix stuff there. I danced more than I drank anyhow.