Friday, April 27, 2012

Update Time!

Just a quick update for those that have been following along with my teething problems.

Went into the denture clinic on Thursday and had an impression done! Woohoo something has started. Was backed up Friday by a visit to the dentist........

Needless to say 4 teeth out and I am feeling a tad like crap! Still in good spirits though but have more to come out tomorrow. Its all on the trek though to get to a good place as well as being the final piece in my weight loss puzzle.

So I have spent the weekend on protein shakes and anything liquidy although I braved some scrambled eggs and a cup a soup today and about to try a small amount of chicken tonight. I am so hungry and although protein shakes with some flaxseed oil are healthy, id do anything for a juicy steak and

So thought I would update you all as to why I may have been or may become a little quiet over these last few and coming few days. I am suppose to rest and the medication I am on makes me sleepy and I know the body heals quicker when at rest too.

Take care all and I will keep looking in on you all

Cath xoxo

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