Saturday, May 21, 2011

I got a feeling.......

So here I sit, 2 days before official start of the 12WBT and I am excited! I have jsut arrived home after doing my shopping to which I have decided to do things a little different this time round as in previous times, I have doubled up on certain fruit and vegies since they have gone yucko before we have got to eat them. Not this time though. I have decided to buy the veg I know will keep today and get the others fresh. I will also get the meat fresh to since I do chop and change the menu around to suit time constraints. First time EVER too is I also pre purchased my snacks. I usually buy those on a daily basis too but look how that turns out. This is my 4th round and I am no where near my goal!

I have got the whole family (well almost the whole family) involved this time since I figure they are old enough to start understanding the importance of healthy eating. On that topic, I was lucky enough in round three last year to win an amazing George Foreman grill. Mind you it has sat in the cupboard since I received it a few months ago. Last night though I finally pulled it out as my 11 year old son decided he wanted to cook hamburgers for dinner. I told him that is fine and also I chose a healthier option by having a chicken breast with salad. So anyhow, to cut a long story short, I heard Haydie in the kitchen going on about how grose something was so went out to have a look. He was shocked at how much fat was coming out of the hamburger patties (they were jsut there black and gold brand ones). He was like mum, mum you have to take a photo of this!

So there you go. My son is learning the importance of healthy cooking too! He also said that next time we will make our own from scratch to see the difference!

I have spent the last almost week ill with the flu but I have to share a secret with you all.......Codral might be the bomb and help you feel better by masking your illness whereas you can eat something that is Mish approved, tastes delicious but it does look disgusting......Ill go for the good food to help heal & boost the system. Heres a pic of what I have been eating for the last 5 days and other than a bit of a blocky nose, I am feeling pretty darn good!

Yep thats right, good ol' broccoli soup. Packed with the goodness of garlic, onion, and broccoli. It may look a little off putting but even my kids love this one (once they got past the colour.....haha) :)

Anyhow, must sign off! I have managed to get in a dance fitness class and a 5km walk this week. Pretty stoked with that since I havent exercised properly since New Years Eve! I cant wait to get on the scales Wednesday to see how much lower the numbers are :)

Will be back later to continue on....have to be a mummy right at this moment. Have an amazing Saturday people!

Cath xoxo

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