Thursday, January 30, 2014

A good place? or a bad place? We all start somewhere!

So I missed posting on Sunday last week but I do have an excuse (always an excuse!). It was my daughters 18th birthday on Australia Day and yes I did live a little and indulge a bit too much.

My head is in a good place this week since my disaster of last week. Finally I realised that you cant have your cake and eat it too when you want to look good and feel good. By Friday, I had gained almost 300g OVER my start weight. For me, the week was more of a mindset test. I had to prove to myself that eating all that crap just wasn't going to work and something had to give. It did give! My weight was ballooning AND FAST!! This is why I haven't been able to get that part of my head right. Too many times I have convinced myself that it was ok to have that piece of chocolate (or indulge in the whole block) since I had lost a few hundred grams. I was wrong. I know many people who have read this far are probably thinking...omg is this chick serious! stupid is she! but this is my journey and these are part of my demons that I am fighting.

So I had 2 days to correct all that I had done wrong. I ate clean, I drank bucket loads of water and come Sunday, I was happy to see a number less than I had started with. It was only 300g but it still meant the numbers were going down. I have also never been so sick as I have been since choosing an unhealthy lifestyle. I began January with an upper respiratory infection and now I sit here typing this with a throat that feels like its on fire! So this week I have been thinking that being unhealthy, eating unhealthy and generally leading an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to illness. If thats the case, then why do we put ourselves through this week in week out just for that sugar or salt hit?

My amazing hubby got me a new toy and it was delivered this week! I made up my first single server smoothie this morning. A mix of banana, honey, mango, 1/2 cup low fat milk, 1 scoop protein powder and a cup of ice. I cant begin to explain how good it tastes and whats better is that its healthy! I will experiment more over the coming weeks and see what other interesting things I can come up with :)

Now onto the numbers stuff. My weight and measurements

SW: 79.9kg
CW: 79.9kg
WLTW: 300g
WIW1: 79.6 (26/01/2014)

GW1 - 78.9kg
GW2 - 76.9kg
GW3 - 74.9kg
GW4 - 70kg
GW5 - 68kg
10%GW - 71.9kg
EGW - 65kg

Until next blog, try hard on keeping that mind in the right place :)

Cath xoxo

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