Friday, December 28, 2012

Its that time yet again.....

First of all, I hope all my readers had a fabulous Christmas and its time to now look to the new year. Step away from the left over pavlova!

So Christmas has been and gone and I don't even want to begin to think about the food that has gone in my mouth. It may have been healthy but oh lordy there was definitely way too much! Not to mention the amazing desserts that we are tempted with during this celebration week.

So what brings me to write up in my blog again? Well I was going to just start anew but then I thought why do that when my whole weight-loss battle is within this blog. Why start somewhere new when the story should follow on the same page as my other struggles. So here I am....reviving my blog once again. This time however, my posts may be shorter since I will need to fit both blogging and uni in come March. I can do this!

So with the New Year on its way and for the first time in 7 rounds of 12WBT I sat out, life has been somewhat different. I have learnt so much from my time with 12WBT and I thank Michelle and the 12WBT team for giving me the tools I needed to go alone. Considering I had spent many a round donating money rather than getting of my butt and #jfdi when it all boils down, Michelle has changed my way of thinking. I may fall off the rails but it certainly isn't as damaging as it could have been. I more so just hover with my weight. I gain a kilo, I lose a kilo.....but I am over the yo-yo dieting and I am ready to actually look and feel good about myself.

I am awaiting the arrival of something new, something apparently amazing and once here I will share with you all my next stage of my journey. I have so much exercise equipment at my disposal here (treadmill, cross trainer, weights) but I am still yet to find that one thing that I enjoy doing. That one thing that I wont mind getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier in order to accomplish. I read back on my blogs from this time last year and I was in a very different head space. I was getting up at 5am to do a 1 hour walk/run. I was actually enjoying it. Then for some reason the little light clicked off and I was back to being a lounge lizard.


Its time to take charge of 2013 and make it the year where it all happens. I say that every year but I think this one is different. If I am to be a healthy role model to my children then there is no more saying tomorrow. It starts today! I will do a full stats post up over the next couple of days in order to put my new plan in place. I hope you will all be there to follow me through the highs and lows of my next journey.

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Mwah! xoxo


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